Handmade happiness

Let’s make it

  Conjuring up creative vibes on scraps of paper, receipts and napkins in cafes, dog walk chats on Dartmoor, heated differences of opinion over bacon sandwiches in the Campervan by the sea, to tea and cake in the garden workshop, once a smidge of an idea grabs one of us, the bits of paper, glass and discussions fly in all directions until we figure it all out and produce something we are sure is going to look just gorgeous in your home or a beautiful gift.

 Daisy Meadow Bowl

 Kiln times, temperatures, mixing different mediums, textures and colours added to liberal amounts of new discovery, eccentricity and laughter result in unique pieces fused with the magic of handmade, the essence of Devon and our passion for all things glass.  


Daisy T-Lighs